MAPS place people who listen with young people who need to be heard.


Many children today are faced with a poverty of support and receive a poor serving of positive role models. MAPS is a specialist, early intervention service that provides each young person referred with a handpicked mentor. MAPS commit to journeying with a young person once a week, every week for a whole year out in their local community. The mentor is a consistent and reliable role model who is ready to listen in a confidential manner, whilst at all times upholding safeguarding procedures. The mentor offers the young person a safe space to unpack life, and a platform to engage in positive activities out in the community. MAPS does not seek to replace traditional support systems but rather works to empower the young person to bridge the gap step by step. The strength of the project is within its voluntary status. The young person only has to engage if he or she wants to. The mentor engages as a volunteer, they are not paid to be there; they are there because they want to make a difference. This coming together of minds achieves results.

With VCS as our home, we’re dedicated to building a valuable community, which values community. MAPS’ are fortunate to have a community of over 140 volunteer mentors. Each volunteer is equipped with dedicated MAPS team support, specialist training and a host of resources all designed to enable the mentor to ignite real achievement across the 12 months.

If you have an hour a week to give and want to make a difference, why not contact the MAPS team at and ‘be who you’re mentor be.’